Diane Wright: Get more online from the June/July 2014 issue

Diane Wright combines a twin needle with free-motion stitching and quilting with fabulous results.

Above, “Denim Needle Crow” • 11 1/2″ x 18 1/2″


“Moon Glow II” • 36″ x 35″

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Kristine is Associate Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, Modern Patchwork, QuiltCon magazine, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Modern Patchwork Holiday and Quilting Arts TV.

2 thoughts on “Diane Wright: Get more online from the June/July 2014 issue

  1. When using a double needle, how do you stop and turn on a narrow point?  Do you lift needle, turn fabric and manually reinsert needles where you left off?  I found your blog at the right time.  I was using double needle on a jacket pocket and having trouble turning the corners.  Thanks for your help.  I am just starting free motion and not STD and learning.  Need lots of practice.  Carol

  2. Carol, I checked with author Diane Wright about this.  Here are her comments:

    “Excellent question,” says Diane. “I lift the needle, turn the fabric and carefully lower it so that the stitch length is not out of character with the others. It does take practice.”  

    Happy quilting!