Elegant Graphic Tree Skirt Pattern by Judy Coates Perez

Pattern from Quilting Arts Gifts™ 2010/2011
“An Elegant & Graphic Tree Skirt” (page 58)
By Judy Coates Perez
©2010 Interweave

Instructions for Pattern Use

1. Download the pdf and print out all of the pages.

2. Lay out the pdf pages in rows (row 1 = pages 1-5; row 2 = pages 6-10; row 3 = pages 11-14; row 4 = pages 15-17).

Tip: You may wish to cut away the blank margins from each printed page. This can be done quickly using your rotary cutting tools (use a craft knife instead of your rotary cutter if you wish).

3. Match up the crosshairs and tape the pages together in rows. Then tape the rows together.

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