Goddess of the Last Minute

Robbi Joy Eklow and her daughter Samatha at the wedding this spring.

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Kristine Lundblad

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Kristine is Associate Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, Modern Patchwork, QuiltCon magazine, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Modern Patchwork Holiday and Quilting Arts TV.

3 thoughts on “Goddess of the Last Minute

  1. We can’t see which shoes you  wore.

    You both look blissfully happy Congratulations to all concerned

    Love your page, my husband always reads the sports page in the newspaper, I read your in the Quilting arts first.  It pits me in such a good mood

    Marietza NSW Australia

  2. After reading your story in the latest edition – laughing at the final tally of your purchases – LOVE seeing the picture of you and your beautiful daughter.  But what about the shoes?  Inquiring minds need to know.   :)))))