'Hands' Reader Challenge quilts

We had so much beautiful work from our readers for the “Hands” Reader Challenge that we ran out of room in the magazine.  Please enjoy these artists’ work!

Above: “A Hand Revealed”
LaRynda Thoen • Middleton, Wisconsin
“I have been exploring the subject of hands as a travelogue of our individual journeys through life. The revelation of hidden misfortune-such as a fracture or arthritis revealed by X-ray-contrasts with the revelation of the good fortune seen in the blackjack ‘hand.'”

“Things Hands Do”
Jane Schwartz • Tucson, Arizona
“Hands are busy! In making this quilt, I created a (partial) list of things hands do and used it for the background. The longer my list became, the more I realized how these actions form our world. On the blue strip is a quote from John F. Kennedy that sums it up: ‘The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.'”




“Hand in Hand, Stars In Their Eyes”
Sara Sharp • Austin, Texas
“The main image in this quilt is based on a pastel painting I created shortly after September 11, 2001, to show people holding hands as they came together with love. By using that image in this quilt, I am also celebrating 45 years of loving to hold hands with my husband, still with stars in our eyes!”

“La Joconde”
Deb Runnels • Klamath Falls, Oregon
“The Italian name for the painting’s sitter is La Gioconda, which means the happy or jovial one. It is also a pun on the sitter’s married name, Giocondo; she is better known as Mona Lisa. To me the picture is one of contentment. I think these are the most contented hands I’ve ever seen.”

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