Making Memory Quilts and Personalized Quilts: 5 Memory Quilt Ideas from Quilting Arts

In this free eBook, we’ve assembled some of our favorite articles from past issues of Quilting Arts Magazine that incorporate personal images, writings, and mementos in artful and unusual ways to create your own memory quilts. Margaret Applin takes a playful approach to fabric collage to create vibrant, colorful journal quilts. By layering your personal images on fabric in an interesting and purposeful fashion, Wen Redmond shows how to create holographic effects with depth. If you are a budding quilter wanting to create a small memory quilt from your stash, be sure to read Judy Murrah’s directions for creating memory narratives to cherish for years to come. Alisa Burke takes her fine art skills to the sewing machine to create thread-sketched and graffiti-style canvas books––perfect for stuffing family photos into. And if you’re interested in blending mixed media with stitch to record your memories, you’ll definitely want to check out Patricia Gaignat’s stitched layers with canvas, gesso, and fabric!

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2 thoughts on “Making Memory Quilts and Personalized Quilts: 5 Memory Quilt Ideas from Quilting Arts

  1. Clear directions and great pictures tickles my creativity to add couple of these quilt projects. I’ll try the canvas book and the stitches layers. They seem like a fun project to put together.

  2. I have trying to downloadd the free e-book”5 Memory Quilt Ideas”.  I have entered all the information but nothing happens.  Is there any way I can find out why this will now download for me?  I have entered my e-mail address as requested, and my user name and password, but it tells me there is already a person like this registered.  Of course, it is me!  Can you please help me find out what I am doing wrong as I would love to have this free e-mail book.  I am 90 years old and have lots of memories to record, and loads of accummulated fabrics also.  Just don’t have the energy to do a whole lot anymore but this looks like a worthwhile project.  Thank you for any help you can give me.  I am not too sharp on the computer, e-mail being the thing I do most.  

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