Mod Ovals Quilt Templates – Modern Patchwork Winter 2015

Mod Ovals Quilt
by Malka Dubrawsky

Years ago I patterned and dyed a pillow cover that, to this day, sits on my couch. Over the years I’ve often thought that the pillow top pattern would make an interesting block for a quilt, but never quite knew how to craft it. Then, one day it hit me and within a few hours I had several blocks made and was kicking myself over how simple the construction ultimately was.

I’ve created this version out of solids in a wide variety of saturated hues, but I think it could work equally well and read as even more graphic, sewn in just two contrasting colors.

Either way you’d have a fun, striking quilt to hang, drape across a couch, or gift to a very, lucky friend.

See Modern Patchwork Winter 2015 for instructions on how to make this project.


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