More artwork by Ruth de Vos

“Eucalyptus Spectacular” (detail) by Ruth de Vos, 44″ x 59.5″; the full quilt is pictured above.
























“My Big Wide World” (detail) by Ruth de Vos, 54″ x 61″

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Kristine is Associate Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, Modern Patchwork, QuiltCon magazine, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Modern Patchwork Holiday and Quilting Arts TV.

4 thoughts on “More artwork by Ruth de Vos

  1. I’m confused, in the article displaying your work there is a box, “get more online… To see detail fo Ruth’s work, vist”   Are these two phots what they are referring to?  It is giving me the option to view two works in an enlarged mode.  I don’t really see that as more details of your work.

    I absolutly love the outline style of the little boy.  But, can’t figure out just how you added it to the quilt.  And the bugs, amazing.  I love the portion stitched (?) and part silk screened (?)  (on page 12 upper left corner.)  Again, I can’t figure out how you did that from any  of the information in the article.  I will try to find a web site of yours.  Maybe that will help me understand! I have not tried silk screening yet, started getting some materials together but I am still looking for a clear understanding before I start.

    Wonderful most unusual  and amazing quilt work I’ve seen in a very long time.