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In the October/November 2012 issue of Quilting Arts, we challenged readers to create an 8″ x 10″ art quilt interpreting their connection to their beverage of choice, coffee or tea. We received over 100 entries and were dazzled by the creative ingenuity of the participants. Here are some more of the finalists’ quilts that we were unable to fit in the pages of the magazine, including their thoughts about the art they created.


Above: “Nana’s Special Time Tea” by Carol Marlin, Indianapolis, IN

“Coffee or tea? No question. Always tea. Ever since I was very small, I have loved it. At three or four, when my mother would have her mother watch me for an occasional morning, Nana would ask if I wanted a cup of tea. I got to share a hot cup of the fragrant, warm, transparent, amber liquid with my Nana. Since that time, in every phase of my life, every cup or glass has been a constant comfort-relaxing, calming, healing. Hot or cold, it soothes my soul. This is my version of a classic Lipton tea bag and its paper envelope. The tea bag fits inside the envelope and the flap closes over the ‘tear out’ tag that stays attached to the string and the tea bag for steeping.”

Editor’s note: See page 2 of the April/May 2013 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine to see the other side of Carol’s quilt and her “tea bag” insert and “tear out” tag.

“Rooibos Tea for Me” by Ethelda Ellis, Portarlington, County Laois, Ireland

“Rooibos tea, brewed in a warm teapot and poured in an old-fashioned cup and saucer with enough milk–that is what gets me going. The red colour and taste reminds me of the lovely sunshine of my homeland, South Africa, the only place on earth where the red bush is found. The fabric used for the porcelain was dyed with the same tea.”




“Oh! Coffee” by Donna Blum,The Sea Ranch, CA

“Coffee wakes me up to greet the day. It makes me feel like I could run naked along the sunrise path over the ocean.”



“Please Read My Tea Leaves” by Una Landreth, Timaru, New Zealand

“Tea brings memories of Dad’s early morning cuppa, harvesting picnics, Mum’s best china with gold rims, steam rising on a cold day-the day has begun.”






“Coffee on the Dark Side” by Alice Vollaro, Adirondack, NY

“My quilt depicts how I like my morning coffee … strong, black, and hot!”


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