More 'Text Me!' Reader Challenge quilts

Above, “Early Text Messaging” by Ann Waskey, Santa Maria, California

Text messages are short and generally about issues the writer is passionate about. That is the definition of a graffiti message, the first text messages. My piece is a graffiti message about the things I love in a quilt.”

“Pigeons in War” by Dianne Hegebarth, Georgetown, Texas

“Pigeons were our communication lifesavers during war
and today we are saving their lives.”

“Flor, Fleur, Fiore” by Margarita Korioth, Longwood, Florida

“I’ve developed special techniques of paper lamination that marry my love of paper and fabric. The newsprint I used is from a trip I took last summer and the dried flowers are from a garden I had while living in Minnesota.”















“More Than Shadows” by Paula Beck, Shingle Springs, California

“I made this quilt from a photograph I took of my friends and me at the beach,
inspired by the phrase ‘A friend is always a fortune.'”

“Text Me” by Leslie Panfil, North Royalton, Ohio

“It is easy to become the sum of your tweets, texts
and posts. I wanted to create a piece that depicted
the mask we wear by allowing our profile to become
the totality of who we are.”

“Then and Now” by Sunny Chandonais, Kila, Montana

“I digitized a scene showing early telephone communications
(the telephone poles and wires) and what we have now (a satellite tower)
and couldn’t resist using some acronyms we see popping up in every
digital conversation.”

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