Wen Redmond: More artwork from Quilting Arts Dec.2014/Jan.2015

Pictured above,

“Drawing on Energy in the Positive” by Wen Redmond

Wen’s comments about this piece:

“Construction: A single piece of fused silk noil was used for the background, with small appliqué sewn on the lower right corner. The sections or segments were cut apart and hand sewn with a running stitch onto a solid backing of dyed silk. This allows it to fold when the hanging device, a stick with string loops, is removed.

Media: The photograph of a drawing, slightly abstract. It was painted with Caran d’Ache® Neocolor® II artists’ crayons that were spread with water. Edges are sealed with glue stick and oil stick.”

  • “Leaves” by Wen Redmond

Wen’s comments about this piece:

“Construction: Each section was created independently of each other, then the segments were tied together. Top section forms a tube for a hanging device. The second section is hand-painted cotton, fused onto grey acrylic felt and quilted. The photo was cut apart and scrim applied on the bottom of the photograph. The bottom section is painted Lutradur® with fused appliqué and stitched leaf motif. All the sections are tied together, and a string and plastic rod serve as a hanging device.

Media: The photograph was printed with digital-ready canvas and painted with pearlescent watercolors. Sealed with gloss medium with edges painted.”

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