Quilting Arts TV Episode 1113: Quilter’s Mishmash

We finish up this season with a quilter’s mishmash, our “technical term” for some very unusual and different techniques to round out this season. Favorite stitcher Libby Lehman is back with expert tips to change your satin stitching from mediocre to magnificent. Then, celebrate with some festive fabric flags with Pokey Bolton. Elizabeth Hartman finishes up with wonky piecing tricks. Learn how to make a block with angled seams on the inside but nice straight edges on the outside.
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Libby Lehman offers her expert tips on machine satin stitching.











Pokey Bolton shows how to make these fun and whimsical flags.






















Elizabeth Hartman introduces piecing tricks for wonky shaped blocks.












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One thought on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 1113: Quilter’s Mishmash

  1. I enjoyed the Quilting Arts episode 1113 with Libby Lehman. Where can I find directions for mitering corners with a satin stitch? Thanks Carol Grayson