Thread Painting

Painting with thread is a form of machine stitching where you use shades, tints and colors of machine embroidery thread close together to create your picture on fabric.


Eyes on Thread Painting

Although there are so many options when it comes to creating portrait quilts, thread painting is the technique I find most inspiring. The ability to shape facial features with fabric and thread is remarkable. Lea McComas is a master at thread painted portraits and is exceptional at teaching other artists how to use this technique…


Thread Painting Portrait Quilts with Lea McComas

Portrait quilts are all the rage. There are so many different ways to make them, from pieced pixel quilts to fused appliqué. But if you want to give your portraits a more painterly look–less like an Andy Warhol print and a little more like a Leonardo Da Vinci–thread painting is just the ticket! Painting with…


Thread Painting

This beautiful work by Anne Eckley was featured in the “Thread Painting” article from Quilting Arts Magazine Winter 2003. Simply put thread painting is using a sewing machine like a paintbrush; free-motion stitching images and designs. It’s such a simple process — all it requires is a sewing machine, fabric or canvas, thread, and patience.…


Combine Drawing with Thread, Painting with Ink

Have you taken any photos lately and thought, "That would make a great quilt"? Karen Fricke used thread sketching and ink to create this bee quilt, based on a photograph. If you want use a photo as inspiration for a fiber art piece but don't want to appliqué or piece the image, try thread sketching.…


Thread Sketching: See the Difference it Makes

So often when we approach a quilting project, we focus on the fabric. But thread art–from the color choice to the free-motion quilting or thread sketching–is also a key design element. Award-winning art quilter Susan Brubaker Knapp is a master at using threadwork to bring her fiber art to life. Just look at the two…


Thread Sketching and Thread Painting – New Free eBook

The sewing needle is the fiber artist's pencil: you're simply drawing with thread. When you hand stitch, you can guide the direction of the thread to make a design. And when you lower the feed dogs on your sewing machine, you can stitch in any direction, too. In The Art of Thread Sketching: Free Thread…


Butterfly Art Quilt

This small 5"x7" art quilt was constructed using fabric,stamps,embroidery and machine stitching. Other topics you may enjoy:How to Embroider (and Stay Organized) on the RoadQuilting Arts Magazine June/July 2016Quilting Arts Magazine, December 2015/January 2016 issueWhat if You Finally Find Yourself?Jane LaFazio: More artwork from the Feb/March 2015 issue



The background is thread-painted, then filled in with free motion quilting. The petals and leaves were thread-painted on a fused base with two layers of fabric, then cut out and applied using free motion stitching. The centers were hand-beaded. I do all my free motion quilting and thread painting on a 1930s treadle sewing machine.…


Make Your Focal Point Pop with Thread Painting

I first became aware of Elin Waterston through the Quilting Arts reader challenges, particularly our annual calendar contests. Very quickly, our team came to recognize Elin's distinctive brand of well-thought-out, uncluttered design featuring a strong focal point. Since then, Elin has written articles for our magazines, been a part of our QA WorkshopTM series, appeared…