Thread Sketching

Thread sketching is just what it sounds like: drawing with thread and a sewing machine needle. All you need to get started is basic sewing machine supplies, free-motion stitching capabilities, and a thread sketching tutorial.


Thread Sketching Without a Hoop – 6 Alternatives

Thread sketching can add lots of texture and movement to your quilts. But as anyone who has tried it knows–if you don't stabilize your work, your fabric will draw up and pull out of shape. In her thread sketching tutorial series in Quilting Arts, Susan Brubaker Knapp has addressed this issue: Stabilizing Your Work for…


Thread Sketching Tutorial: Butterfly Wings Step by Step

Besides being fun, thread sketching is an effective way to add details that can make your work highly realistic, including subtle color shifts, intricate textures, and a sense of dimension, according to machine stitching expert Susan Brubaker Knapp. She uses thread sketching on both her fusible appliquéd and wholecloth painted quilts to bring her subjects…


Thread Sketching: Needle and Thread Basics

Every sewing project comes down to two simple tools: needle and thread. But choosing the right needle and thread for the job is a more complicated task. Much depends on the fabric, the type of stitching, and the overall look you're trying to achieve with your stitching. In "Maximum Catnap," Susan Brubaker Knapp, uses thread…


Combine Drawing with Thread, Painting with Ink

Have you taken any photos lately and thought, "That would make a great quilt"? Karen Fricke used thread sketching and ink to create this bee quilt, based on a photograph. If you want use a photo as inspiration for a fiber art piece but don't want to appliqué or piece the image, try thread sketching.…


Thread Sketching: See the Difference it Makes

So often when we approach a quilting project, we focus on the fabric. But thread art–from the color choice to the free-motion quilting or thread sketching–is also a key design element. Award-winning art quilter Susan Brubaker Knapp is a master at using threadwork to bring her fiber art to life. Just look at the two…


Thread Sketching and Thread Painting – New Free eBook

The sewing needle is the fiber artist's pencil: you're simply drawing with thread. When you hand stitch, you can guide the direction of the thread to make a design. And when you lower the feed dogs on your sewing machine, you can stitch in any direction, too. In The Art of Thread Sketching: Free Thread…


Butterfly Art Quilt

This small 5"x7" art quilt was constructed using fabric,stamps,embroidery and machine stitching. Other topics you may enjoy:How to Embroider (and Stay Organized) on the RoadQuilting Arts Magazine June/July 2016Quilting Arts Magazine, December 2015/January 2016 issueWhat if You Finally Find Yourself?Jane LaFazio: More artwork from the Feb/March 2015 issue


Easy Steps to Thread Sketching Success

Thread sketching is not a new technique, but it seems as though more people are willing to give it a try and are looking for tips on how to do it. If you're one of them, then look no further, as Quilting Arts has plenty of thread sketching tricks and techniques for you to try.We've…