Quilting Arts April/May 2010



Download a design from
Susan Brubaker Knapp.

See additionial work by:
Susan Carlson
Diane Marie Chaudiere
Cindi Huss
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Connie Rose

Share your own unfinished quilt art in our “Save my UFO!” Gallery—your UFO might even be selected to appear on “Quilting Arts TV”

Learn how to transfer images and create your own stencils.

Browse the “Let Out Your Inner Animal!” Reader Challenge Photo Gallery.


Thread Sketching 101
Susan Brubaker Knapp
Lesson 2: Focus on line

Silk Screen Printing with
Everyday Objects

Leslie Tucker Jenison
From functional to fine art

Blast from the Past
Terry Grant
Reworking an older piece

Freeform Fabric Collage
Susan Carlson
Two approaches to quilt design

Paint with Wool, Sculpt with Stitch
Cindi Huss
Art quilting with felt

Let the Fabric Speak for Itself
Connie Rose
Creating collages with surface designed fabrics

Pet-ty Journal Portraits
Pokey Bolton
Capturing our animal children in fabric and stitch


Artist Profile:
Diane Marie Chaudiere

Pippa Eccles

ArtQuilt Elements
A gallery from an inspirational exhibition

“Let Out Your Inner Animal!” Reader Challenge Results


ArtQuilt Elements, page 60

"La Libellule” by Jane Dávila




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Minding Your Business
Jane Dávila
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Goddess of the Last Minute
by Robbi Joy Eklow


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