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See more art by Benedicte Caneill, Maria Elkins, Jo Fitsell, Linda Sharp, Jennifer Solon, Cynthia St. Charles, and Marie-Therese Wisniowski.

Upload photos of your “Stitch This!” machine-quilting practice to our Stitch This! Gallery.

View all the before and afters from the "Save My U.F.O." Reader Challenge in our Extreme Quilt Makeover Gallery.

Check out the latest surface design products and watch a video of Pokey demonstrating moldable-foam stamps.


Extreme Quilt Makeover

                                    Maria Elkins



New Landscapes
Marie-Therese Wisniowski
Using overprinted disperse dyes to create artful cloth

Child's Play
Cynthia St. Charles
Monoprinting techniques for finger-painted fabric

Layered Marbling
Jo Fitsell
A multicolored exploration in surface design

Ice Dyeing
Lynda Heines
A fresh approach to vibrant hand-dyed fabrics

Moldable Foam Stamps & Stencils
Traci Bunkers
Make your own surface design tools for printing fabrics

Foam-Printed Fabric
Rose Legge
Quick and easy surface design for art quilts

Enliven Your Art Quilts
Stephanie Forsyth
Adding foil to copper sheeting

Resists From the Kitchen
Lisa Kerpoe
Ingredient 5: Tapioca

Subvert Your Ubercute Fabrics
Linda Sharp
Customize your stash with painted-art additions.

Cynthia St. Charles


            Lynda Heines


Artist Q & A: Benedicte Caneill
Pokey Bolton

Extreme Quilt Makeover
Results of the "Save my U.F.O." Reader Challenge

                                                            Jo Fitsell


Color Confidence
Maria Elkins
Master color theory with an easy fabric wall hanging

Working in a Series
Patricia Gaignat
Create mixed-media art quilts

Mixed-Media Fabric Collage
Jennifer Solon
Transform studio scraps into an abstract composition

Stitch This! Free-Motion Quilting Motifs to Try
Heather Thomas
Part 4


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