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Goddess of the Last Minute
Robbi Joy Eklow



Out & About with Quilting Arts: "Quilting Arts TV"

Notions to Consider: The Creative Journey
Laura and Linda Kemshall

Taking the Inside Out
Painted Batting as a Quilt Surface
Judy Coates Perez

Make a Statement with Fabric Collage
Katy Korkos
Engage viewers with themes and layers 

Out of the Dustbin Quilts
Annette Morgan
Breathe new life into a discarded quilt 

Artist Profile: Pam RuBert
Cate Coulacos Prato 

Star Maker
Heavenly results from a space-age material
Vickie Hallmark 
Explore interfacing as a quilt surface

Outrageous Embellishment
Frances Holliday Alford
Make heavily encrusted quilts 

Cuckoo's Mothers
Needle Felting, Machine Stitching, and Embellishment
Sara Lechner 

Quilt Visions/Quilt San Diego

Amulet Pouches
Wendy Coyne
Create a quick-and-easy, versatile pouch 

Results from Our "Postcards from____" Reader Challenge

Announcing Quilting Arts Magazine's "True Colors" Reader Challenge 

Results from Our "Doorway to Imagination"
Reader Challenge, Part II




Quilt by Judy Coates Perez

Quilt by Pam RuBert

Detail of quilt by Sara Lechner

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