bordello beauties

18 Jul 2009
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An 8 page canvas book  of antique bordello postcards.  Made as a gift for a friend receiving her Master of Social Work degree who works with the homeless.

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cburtz wrote
on 18 Jul 2009 5:59 PM

Had a great day in the studio.   Took copies of a group of 8 bordello cards from 1900 and made a canvas book for a friend that is getting her Masters of Social Work  this month.  It seems that young women handed out semi- revealing postcard pictures of themselves to prospective customers  in order to facilitate business.  Seeing their pictures makes you wonder about their stories and some of them are extremely young.  Social workers do make a difference.  I put pictures of this book on my page.  I'm still adding embellishments so it will look somewhat different when it is finished, but you will get a rough idea of it.

edyth wrote
on 18 Jul 2009 11:25 PM

A very unusual & special gift for your friend.  Also a wonderful way to preserve & show these interesting old cards. Where did you find them?  Thanks for the showing.