20 Sep 2009
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This is a Round Robin Quilt Guild Project , Every month they said a different instruction, the first a star the second pinwheel third flying geese fourth checkerboard fifth circles , after that I lost interest or the abilities of following instructions for that long , I usually start one project and nothing else till its finished ,now its time to show what we all made and they are all very different quilts ,all very very nice. I do hate unfinished projects so I added my first bias border and backed it with a yellow gingham and as always a handworked quilting job following the little squares diagonally . It wasn't a easy process for me to take instructions and not have but one piece each month so I couldn't visualize the whole quilt ,I had no ideal where it was going just tryed my best to make it do somehow, It was good to step out of my box and do something different . My teenage son likes this one the best of the probably 50 I've made :) 

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riverart wrote
on 20 Sep 2009 10:45 AM

I've done several round robins.  Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they are used for the dog bed.  Yours looks like a keeper.

ckp1028m wrote
on 22 Sep 2009 8:07 AM

This quilt is so interesting!!! I was in Ardmore on Saturday afternoon visiting my nieces, after lunch we went to The Wine Depot. I was so excited to see the display of your quilts. They are all fabulous!!! You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful space for your  own quilt show!!! I signed your guest book.

okieLinda wrote
on 22 Sep 2009 1:07 PM

Thanks , glad you got to see it , that little guest book is one of my top things in the world, I cant believe my good luck to be able to show them for so long in such a cute little space,

ckp1028m wrote
on 29 Sep 2009 9:55 PM

Love this one too!!!

okieLinda wrote
on 19 Oct 2009 8:32 AM

I put it in the back folded up and the owner spotted it and said 'Oh no this one goes in front'  wish me luck I am finally selling some of them :)