Kaliedesope #4

6 Dec 2009
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everyone is asking how many Ks am I going to put on this quilt, the answer is I don't know , I'm going to get the background and a small border ready and let my 'other' place them and decide when he has enough and throw out any he doesn't like to be used on something else, He is an artist and has a eye for that sort of thing so sometimes I ask him to make the hard decisions,I prefer a quilt with some kind of border , just a personal preference I guess and I want at least one K slipping over into the border but past that I'M going to leave it to him,

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drywatergal wrote
on 7 Jan 2010 9:22 AM

Beautiful Linda!  Love the colors you work with. 

ginasart wrote
on 3 Jul 2010 11:46 AM

this is so beautiful do you have video on how to create this wonderful work of art ?i am inspired thanks for sharing it.love gina badeaux