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7 Dec 2009
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Instead of having drawings here and there on scattered sheets, I followed your advice and started a sketchbook! I built a cover with a "woven strips" background that I kept unused,added a non woven printed fabric with poppies that I quilted onto felt with a decorative stitch. It reminded me of a French traditionnal song that every child knows,saying "I went down to my garden...nice poppy...a nightingale came onto my hand..."..So ,I went on decorating my sketchbook cover following that theme, with free motion stitching (even for the hand I drew on the back side),beads, laces...and the word poppy in different languages and the words of that song.

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cousette wrote
on 7 Dec 2009 4:54 AM

on 8 Dec 2009 2:42 AM



What a nice book. It's a great gift as well! Nice to know how you made it. The detail photo should be placed on the site as well!

Greetings from Holland!


on 11 Dec 2009 7:18 AM

What a great way to keep track of your drawings... I'm inspired!