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Art Quilt Design: Strategies for Success with Carol Taylor

8 Jan 2010
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Learn how to work with textured fabrics of all kinds to create wall hangings—while balancing color, size, and value to make your design flow smoothly from light to dark, as in so many of Carol’s award-winning quilts. Fused assembly makes the process fast and easy and gives you hands-on practice at placing your values in the proper order. After a quick introduction, Carol teaches her technique via a small sample “Arc-i-texture” project. Learn the secrets of couching to enhance your piece, and discover how to create Carol’s trademark “perfect” concentric couched circles. Delve even deeper into the design process with a close look at how to incorporate value. And finally, learn Carol’s finishing technique using facings rather than bindings, plus a creative approach to sleeves. Carol’s simple techniques yield striking results.

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