Ghost Writing

28 Jan 2010
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"Ghost Writing" 18"w x 16"l, compost dyed cotton with appliqued vintage laces. Hand and machine embroidery, reverse applique, beading, faced holes  (pink for display background only)



a ghost had sat, wherever ghosts sit,
in the dark and fust and silence, and silently
embroidered old letters
looked like they had run in the rain ---------
and patched and beaded holes, burnt and torn and worn,
she he? pulled laces from old trousseaus and
unstrung beads
unravelled threads with no form left, a whisper of the silk,

a memory of shine still in the twilight

sussuration of bone needle and tiny mouseclick stitch


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on 28 Jan 2010 4:51 PM

beautiful cloth. beautiful story. wonderful title.

Prokopova wrote
on 29 Jan 2010 2:38 AM

This is a very nice piece of fabrics. Embroidery is beautifull.

arlee wrote
on 29 Jan 2010 5:24 PM

Thank you :}