Sandra-Kay Murphy

9 Feb 2010
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After much discussion with the family (and rejecting the suggestion that  'zoo' would suit me best) we all took animal personality tests on the internet and it was agreed that I was a Baboon, not terribly flattering, however the description was absolutely correct and so..... "Too much monkey business" began.


I was very struck with one picture of a baboons face that was dominated by black,white and red, the rest of him being made up of furry browns, greys and yellow so I set out to interpret the physical and personality characteristics of this quirky animal.

The Baboon. Is quick witted and amusing, affectionate in a relaxed family manner, very loyal especially to family and friends. They are into games, fun and impromptu comedic performances, and doing anything physical needs to have a creative aspect to motivate them. Most notable physical characteristic - an elastic and expressive face and animated communication style, they love to be the center of attention.

Having had great fun reading your magazine over the last 3 years I decided to have a go at some of the techniques in them. Too much monkey business  was made in the following way: Pieced scraps of black white fabric over-printed with stamps I made by cutting designs into foam scouring pads.

Layered over with two types of wool, a fluffy mohair and a nobbly mixed wool. Using wash away I quilted the 'sandwich', washed and dried. Then I added red detailing (fabric with bead and hand sewing embellishment) combined with the words that describe me and my 'inner animal'.

I also added some wool fibres in yellow, grey, white and black then covered with wash away again and quilted, washed and dried the project. I then added black and red bead detailing, and then couched some with metalic thread lines.

I finished the edges with several strands of multi-coloured, twisted strands of silk and wool fibres, hand sewn on with red and black variegated perle thread.

I really enjoyed my first ever challenge quilt, it's the 3rd art quilt I've ever made, but the best thing about the whole project was 2 of my daughters got together with me over the last few weeks and they have also entered the challenge with their own 'inner animal' quilt, their very first art quilt!!



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RxnDesign wrote
on 14 Feb 2010 8:55 PM

Love the abstract colour & texture. Has a very affrican feel. Great embodiment of the Baboon :)