Anne Strait

9 Feb 2010
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My piece is reminiscent of childhood dreams of having a horse -- or better yet -- being a horse.  I used elements of the "do with me what you will" head from a past "Cloth,Paper, Scissors issue, my own horse design, scraps of fabric, rayon thread, and yarn.  I am new to art quilts and had great fun putting this piece together.  The best part of the process was the planning--the horse idea popped out of my head.

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ranchwife wrote
on 5 Mar 2010 3:59 PM

i love your horse

phx515 wrote
on 7 Mar 2010 7:46 AM

I love your whole concept here!  I spent many many hours of my young life wishing for and "being a horse".  The dominos you used reminded me of the secret horse talk I and my other friends used when we were horses.  I just love your piece. As you can see it really spoke to me!

Well done!