Roxanne Murpy

9 Feb 2010
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The impetus to have a go came about through a lively, and somewhat hilarious, family gathering after my mother saw the challenge and we all started offering suggestions as to who might be what animal. After a little web surfing and a personality test, or four, the verdicts were finalised and the creative juices were flowing.

With the aid of several family 'Crafting Days' and valuable input from my increadably talented and creative mother and sister, here is "View from the Heights."

This quilt was firstly 'free pieced' together from a range of batik fabrics, painted using Shiva sticks and then thread painted before being quilted and bound. It was then embelished with free-form 'thread painted' rocks and grass, etc. and finish by attaching the hand felted goat pieces. 

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sanki wrote
on 14 Feb 2010 1:09 AM

This is my daughter's entry, didn't she do a great job!

Pokey wrote
on 14 Feb 2010 12:33 PM

She did a *fabulous* job!

memawof3 wrote
on 16 May 2010 11:49 PM

This is awesome!!  You must be a proud mama!!