Linda Hall

9 Feb 2010
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This piece was created to remember my two cocker spaniels who both died young of seizures.  I miss them so much and was glad I could document them with this little quilt.  It is made by transferring a photo onto fabric, then thread painting and couching yarn over the image until it was completely covered.



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on 11 Feb 2010 2:26 PM
  • I saw my Margaret Rose (she was my King Charles Cavalier that I resqued fom kennel life - being mom to too many) in your puppy memorial.  I really appreciate your beautiful artistic rendition that so expresses the quality that makes them so endearing.
Pemsong wrote
on 16 Aug 2010 3:20 PM

This is wonderful - I too am a dog lover and appreciate this project, both artisticly and what it must have meant to you, emotionally. Brava!