Nancy P. Hicks

9 Feb 2010
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"Ms. Giraffe," my altar ego, can float into a crowd on long, thin legs, seeing over everyone with beautiful black eyes protected by long black lashes.  While always a good listener, if things don’t go well, she can stick out her long black tongue and gracefully melt away!

I used cotton, cotton batik and batting to create this piece. Colored pencil highlights the spots.

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on 11 Feb 2010 7:49 AM

Awesome the colors are great


on 11 Feb 2010 8:53 AM

I love this.  It's absolutely beautiful.

Janice PD wrote
on 11 Feb 2010 11:31 AM

Love the eye...great artists have the same "eye-dea". My entry was the hare with a large eye!

javalover wrote
on 12 Feb 2010 9:39 PM

I love giraffes. I love this quilt!  Fabulous design and use of fabric. I hope you get published. SMH

Cay Denise wrote
on 13 Feb 2010 8:01 PM

Very lovely incorporation of the animal into the binding!

caw747 wrote
on 19 Mar 2010 9:36 PM

Very nice spots and lovely eye lashes