Linda Kelly-Clenney

9 Feb 2010
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I am letting out my inner animal, the Seal, because of my love of water and the slick beauty of the animal.  I feel that it is the dog of the sea.  Their eyes look like the eyes of my dogs.  The seal is also connected with the Selkie (silkie, selchie or roane) of Celtic folklore and I am of Irish heritage.  I worked some of the folklore into my quilt using symbols and some embellishments. 

Women, to me, have to balance their lives and the lives of those around them.  Hence, you will see the talent of the circus seal, as she balances the symbols on her nose.

The quilt includes all recycled fabric that has been burned or cut.  Some dyeing, hand stitch appliqué, hand embroidery and free motion machine quilting are the techniques used.

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