Jennifer Franz

9 Feb 2010
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I am intrigued by the jaguar and relate to some qualities of this animal and also envy many qualities that I lack. In my life I have received much unsolicited attention for my mane of red hair and freckles, as the jaguar has for it's golden colored spotted coat. My family's presence in my life is very important to me. The female jaguar is elusive and solitary with the exception of their daughters who tend to settle next to mama's territory. The athlete in me appreciates the stealth and power of this animal.

In this piece I portray my need to escape outside into the quiet, green spaces. I have torn my way out from my living room and am now a content “cat”.

The batik layer of fabric was actually torn from the center to reveal the photo layer underneath – leaving wonderful raw edges exposed. The quilt is bound on the under layer. I enjoy creating stencils and have used these to paint the fur. Silk ribbon was used to create the vine. The surface was machine quilted and hand embroidered. This was a fun project, I appreciate the motivation to explore myself and my art.

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Elizabeth T. wrote
on 21 Feb 2010 1:34 PM

Great piece, Jennifer... keep up the good work.  Your inner jaguar is now free to create as she would like.  Elizabeth Miller

bpiquet wrote
on 21 Feb 2010 3:38 PM