Cathy Sparks

9 Feb 2010
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My "Inner Animal" is a cat of sorts, I'm drawn to cats & seem to have a similar personality to them, i.e. I can be calm, serene & loving, but I can show my horns & bare my teeth when necessary. I like color, hence the colorful cat like creature. This piece was fused applique & water color pencil w/ fabric medium. The small white circles represent stars in the night sky, however, I'm not normally a night person.

Please let me know if my entry is accepted. I have quilted for the past 10 years & have painted since I was a child, some 50+ years ago.


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jmacreates wrote
on 11 Feb 2010 11:57 AM

I love your cat with horns it reminds me of myself Taurus the Bull cat, very creative and talented.

Treas wrote
on 9 Jun 2010 5:28 PM


I love your inner animal, very cool.


on 4 Jul 2010 10:52 PM

"This piece was fused applique & water color pencil w/ fabric medium."  Can anyone tell me how to use water color pencils with fabric medium on fabric and how do you make this permanent so the piece can be laundered?