Karen Fricke

9 Feb 2010
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“I Get Crabby When I’m Not at Home”


My husband travels for a living, and he always invites me along.  I could go with him to Europe, Asia, Africa; but my favorite vacation spot is my back porch with a glass of wine, watching the birds at the feeder.  Pathetic, I know.  My friends think I’m nuts.  But I get crabby when I’m not at home.

Cotton, silk, polyester fabrics and threads; glass, pearl, shell and crystal beads, buttons, found objects.  Machine appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted; hand-embellished.

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Azteca wrote
on 13 Feb 2010 5:54 PM

I'm with you Karen! I travel far on vacations and in the summer, I like nothing more than to sit out on my patio with a glass of wine and watch the hummingbirds chase each other flying in between the fence and dive bombing me!! What a blast! Cheers!