Silk Sari Ribbon Journal

23 Feb 2010
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This is a mixed-media art journal cover that I created using Silk Sari Ribbon. I quilted it onto black cotton muslin in vertical strips, then to add more texture and color variation I layered the ribbons, alternating smaller and wider widths. The block letters below which, of course, read "JOURNAL" are created using stamped canvas which is overdyed with diluted liquid acrylic paints, fabric art markers, and free-motion stitching. I created a looped fringe with the ribbon for the bound edge of the journal for more tactile interaction with the journal, and finished off the "Ribbon Quilt" with a sprinkling of hand-sewn beads.

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greenbeez wrote
on 28 May 2010 1:24 PM

I really love this, the way way the colors just feather into each other, with the frayed edges.

janet subban wrote
on 15 Jun 2010 4:43 AM

What a lovely Journal cover!! I really like the way you used sari silk and beads. Great idea! Its rich in colour and texture.