Celtic Batik Footstool

6 Apr 2010
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I always try to show nice finished projects but thought Ide show what happens to those that just dont make the grade too , I had so many batiks building up that I thought I might do something with them so I took a celtic design and reversed appliqued the background , it was going to be 4 of these with a bright batik background but I decided I didnt like it that much after doing just one so as it was sitting on my trusty footstool and the cats decided they liked it just fine there I decided not to fight them off of it and just staple it to the underside and call it finished :) I didnt quilt it so it might not last forever but then I get tired of looking at the same ole same ole thing anyway and I do love the batiks ,

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gail moss wrote
on 6 Apr 2010 9:31 PM

i love the batiks also, and the yellows have a glow about them.