The Jester

9 Apr 2010
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The Jester was made for the Bunbury Challenge in WA (Australia) however it was 12cm too long on one side so I was disqualified. It has been made with a overlay and cut out style for the background using black and white fabric and black and white tulle. The jester itself is a collage of fabric and has been created to a 3d effect by raising some of the horns and have 1 as a free form. Machine embroidery and quilting has been used to enhance the shading and give him depth. His hand was made as free form and then appliqued into position over the stick of the dummy. I have also added the bells to give the Jester a bit of authentisity.

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lin-e-bee wrote
on 12 Apr 2010 2:54 PM

What a fun piece - love the colours  and facial expressions !!!

arlee wrote
on 17 Apr 2010 12:10 PM

i really like the "handwork" :)