Oh ! What a wonderful World

13 Apr 2010
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This is my latest artwork,  and again its an under water scene,  I got my inspiration from a whole bunch of under water pictures I looked at lately,  and it is amazing to discover that under the ocean  is a whole new world of its own. I see fishes that fly,  some that look like humans and animals,  others look like insects, and I realize  that every thing on land has its type in the ocean. Isn't God wonderful ?

Artist Statement
This work is hand beaded,  painted,  machine appliqued,  machine stitched and quilted.
Fabrics used are hand dyed cotton and organza fabric.

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gail moss wrote
on 14 Apr 2010 8:41 AM

...and what a wonderful piece it is! ..makes me want to go under water with them and swim  along.. and I don't swim... the colors make me happy.... and, yes, God is wonderful...

Anne lundy wrote
on 14 Apr 2010 11:15 AM

This is amazinly beautiful !  love the story and your art ,  love the action, colours and all.