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Candy Corn

11 May 2010
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This piece was painted with acrylic paints on Pimatex cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman, then heavily thread sketched before it was quilted.

This is my entry for the 2011 Quilting Arts Calendar. My birthday is Halloween, so I am drawn to all things that celebrate the season. My mini-pumpkins are featured for October in the 2010 calendar!

Susan Brubaker Knapp

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CYooOhio wrote
on 12 May 2010 5:37 PM

LOVE THIS!  My birthday is "close" to Halloween and we have a big party every year.  I am also drawn to all things that celebrate that season.  I'm so happy that you won again!   I truly enjoy your work!!! 

gail moss wrote
on 13 May 2010 5:06 PM

Susan, realistic and fantastic as usual.. Just love your work!!

TEMA61 wrote
on 22 Jun 2010 7:22 PM

I wish I could blow this one up even more than I am able... the colouring and machine work is amazing!  This piece blows me away!


soipaint wrote
on 5 Oct 2010 1:33 PM

i too love candy corn and all things Halloween even if i celebrate birthday with Yankee doodle dandy and miss liberty. while in college i scared my room mate half to wet pants by eating half the candy corn down to the white part, installing the tip to my canine teeth and leaping from the tiny closet at long beach state college in a Bela voice , drooling "i want to bite your neck "

heck !thanks for the memories ! and the great calendar quilt. your sure does shine!