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Six Image Transfer Techniques for your Art Quilts

21 May 2010
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In this free eBook, you’ll discover a number of creative techniques and tips for artfully incorporating images into your quilts.

  • Planning a memory quilt and want to give your photographs or images a vintage look? Try Lesley Riley’s easy and fun technique for transferring images to fabric.
  • Maybe you’d like to design and create your very own colorful fabrics but don’t want to invest in the cost of painting or dyeing supplies. Diane Doran shows that’s it’s a cinch to digitally alter images to create colorful cloth by simply using your home computer and printer.
  • Interested in making an abstract quilt depicting an urban or countryside scene, but don’t know where to begin? Inspired by the grassy hillsides of her British homeland, Marie Roper shares her methods for creating unique, embellished landscape pieces.
  • Pamela Price Klebaum illustrates a playful approach to enhancing your digital fabrics with stamps to create unique quilted imagery.
  • Mary Anne Tipple explores how to incorporate large-scale photographs into your quilts.
  • Ginny Eckley gives tips on several surface design techniques, including inkjet printing on pretreated fabric to achieve sharp, crisp images.

So get out your box of favorite photographs and get ready to play!

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b00kmark wrote
on 10 Jun 2010 9:53 PM

Thank you for sharing your talent.

TwoCees wrote
on 16 Sep 2010 2:15 AM

What an inspirational article! I was stuck on planning how to incorporate my ideas on wetlands into a fibre work. You have given me a few ideas to work through. Thanks so much.Two Cees