Fine Embellishment Techniques from Quilting Arts: 5 Innovative Ways to Embellish Your Fiber Art

2 Jul 2010
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In this free eBook you’ll find a myriad of embellishment techniques and styles from today’s top art quilters who aren’t afraid to pile it on. Lucky Shie shows us how to prepare a painted and journaled quilt sandwich that’s sturdy enough to be loaded with all kinds of doodads and finds. Gail Ellspermann demonstrates how easy it is to make a batch of glittering fabric beads for embellishment––a fun afternoon activity with the kids. Award-winning artist Pamela Allen reveals how to cleverly repurpose found objects to create scenes and portrait-themed art quilts. Frances Holliday Alford (who never shies from anything bright and shiny) illustrates her method of attaching just about anything… and I mean anything! Lastly, Belinda Spiwak shares her eco-quilting tips by showing how she transforms trash into treasured embellishments for quilts.


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