Templates: Boy's Cozy Pullover

26 Aug 2010
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This file contains pattern templates only. Pattern instructions are on page 108 of Stitch magazine Fall 2010.

This pullover is a cozy alternative to the everyday sweatshirt. Made with a soft wool or flannel, it’s also lined for extra warmth. A simple button loop closure adds a nice design detail.

Designed by Jil Cappuccio

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ncllnn wrote
on 28 Sep 2010 9:53 PM

I made this pullover... it turned out good. Warning... the directions are confusing. My suggestion would be on #16 and #17 just make a normal hem. It is impossible to try to make it by turning it inside out because the neckline is already stiched. I have made a million lined outfits and have never had this much trouble with turning it inside out. I just couldnt figure it out using the directions.  I even started from the beginning to a million times to see if i did anything wrong. When you stich the hem inside out it makes it so you cant turn it right side out because the neck is connected. You turn with a shirt like Theo from the Cosby Show.

on 29 Oct 2010 6:06 PM

I found the same thing!  I followed the instructions to the letter and when I turned it I ended up with two shirts right side out sewn together at the neck and the hem with no way to get the lining inside the shell.  I am going to email the designer and inquire as there are no corrections listed on the corrections page. Otherwise the sweater is fabulous and if I rip out the hem I can fix the whole thing but if she has some magic turning trick....I want to know that!  I am here to learn!!

jilcappuccio wrote
on 30 Oct 2010 9:05 AM

Hello all, I am sorry for the funky directions at the end of this project. I am obviously a seamstress and not a writer! When finishing the hem you want to have the pullover stitched around the neck and turned right side out. Now, starting at the hem side seams, reach in between the body and lining and grab the two pieces, right side to right side at the side seams. Stitch these two together (right side to right side) as far as you can go leaving a small (4-5") opening in the hem. This is where you can bag out the pullover.  You should now have the pullover connected at the neck and most of the hem. Looking at the pullover right side out, put the sleeve linings in to the sleeves. Using the hole in the hem , reach in between the body and lining and finish the sleeve hems. When those are finished use the hole you left in the sleeve under arm seam to reach in between the body layer and lining layer to grab the hole you left in the hem and stitch the hole closed. Top stitch the hole in the sleeve seam closed in the lining closed and you are done. I hope this helps. Directions were always hard for me to follow, so if these are too confusing finish it the way it makes sense to you and save your brain. I find in sewing the more I think about a finished project, the more I learn how to make it better the next time! Good luck, JIL

AnyaByam wrote
on 6 Nov 2011 3:00 PM

Could you please clarify these directions more - even with your update, it's very confusing.  Pictures, videos, something to help understand all the turn inside out, pull out through which hole etc......

Thanks, Anya