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20 Dec 2010
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this is a small quilt  4 1/2 by 3  made for a test of the stack and whack process for making Kaliedscopes, I love doing them the hard way but everyone wants affordable and so I tryed this out , Its not bad at least I get to play with wild fabric, and it is very fast and easy, and will make a nice little quilt for Moms wheelchair for Christmas

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gail moss wrote
on 22 Dec 2010 11:40 AM

Linda, I love all your Kaliedscopes!! What makes this way easier than the other?  They all look difficult to me..  Did you make up this pattern?

okieLinda wrote
on 22 Dec 2010 3:46 PM

thanks Gail , This is my first made with the stack and whack process, I havent even read  the books and stuff on that  but basically you stack the fabric up matching perfectly 8 pieces and then whack the pieces out with a rotary cutter , the other is made by finding small parts on a fabric making templates and cutting each one individually , much harder but more satisfying to me and more unique, where the real Ks may have 300 pieces these have 8 in each star ,