Summer II, 2011 Landscape

14 Mar 2011
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Framed for an upcoming exhibition.  Simple clean prairie.  This is my favorite piece.  Couched yarns, painted sky, birds stitched by hand.  Satin stitched edges.  This is what you see when you drive on highway 7.  The blue line in the horizon is a distant mountain range.  As a girl, I always wondered if they were really blue.  : )

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Elaine255 wrote
on 4 Apr 2011 9:32 AM

can you tell me what you are using as a stabilizer under the top piece?

on 4 Apr 2011 9:56 AM

Thanks!  I use a canvas-like material, that is in the sewing stores as Interfacing actually.  It's just heavyweight, and very stiff.  I believe it's used in hat making actually.  A seamstress told me that.