23 Mar 2011
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The background is thread-painted, then filled in with free motion quilting. The petals and leaves were thread-painted on a fused base with two layers of fabric, then cut out and applied using free motion stitching. The centers were hand-beaded. I do all my free motion quilting and thread painting on a 1930s treadle sewing machine. More details are on my blog.

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on 23 Mar 2011 9:25 AM

ooh LOVE the dimension!  ; )  So pretty.

Anne lundy wrote
on 24 Mar 2011 8:37 PM

Very lovely, love the colours and all the beautiful quilting and thread painting.

edyth wrote
on 28 Mar 2011 7:23 AM

Great,  you have made the "for-get-me-nots" looks so delicate & fragile.  Very pretty.

on 7 Apr 2011 10:51 AM

Forget-me-nots are some of my favorite flowers from childhood, so I had to click on this pic.I love the way the flowers in the background are just quilted, with the ones in the foreground being more solid. Adds a lot of depth to the work. Would love to see some details of the piece.

Great job!

TEMA61 wrote
on 16 Apr 2011 6:52 PM

This is so pretty.... soft and lovely.... so realistic and artistic at the same time.

Makes me think of spring...  and Easter.


caren12 wrote
on 9 Jun 2011 7:10 PM

I have never thought of this technique.  Very beautiful.

Nikki Z wrote
on 10 Jun 2011 6:00 AM

Lovely!  I like the color variations in the flowers and leaves.