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Print, Design, Compose: From Surface Design to Fabric Art with Lynn Krawczyk

13 Apr 2011
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Learn how to create gorgeous hand-printed fabrics…and learn how to successfully showcase these fabrics in your finished artwork.

Surface design artist Lynn Krawczyk provides thorough demos of her favorite surface design methods, including Thermofax® screen printing, soy wax batik, and the use of freezer-paper stencils.

Viewers will learn how to successfully accomplish background printing on fabric using all of these techniques, as well as how to add focal images to hand-printed fabrics.

Next, Lynn guides viewers through the process of incorporating hand-printed fabrics into a unique abstract composition.

Discover options for arranging the fabrics and how to use hand stitching as a design element.

Finally, Lynn shows how to attach the completed piece to a fabric-covered canvas and reviews hanging methods.

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mlstores50 wrote
on 27 Aug 2012 8:38 AM

She talks TOO MUCH instead of actually demonstrating the technique. 

PKae wrote
on 16 Feb 2014 1:37 AM

Actually, she talked so much, she never does demonstrate anything. This could have easily been done with a couple paragraphs and a couple still pics.  If this is an indicator of the rest of her presentation, I wouldn't buy her video for a nickle.