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Leah Day of Shelby, NC

24 Apr 2009
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"Baby Tomatoes," Leah's second submission to our Quilting Arts 2010 "Fresh Picked" Calendar Contest.

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KimE15 wrote
on 10 May 2009 2:46 PM

Very sweet.  This reminds me of my little girls picking cherry tomatoes many years ago.  I like the use of the sweatshirt sleeve.  It gives it dimension and a feeling of a little person actually reaching in to grab one of those juicy treats!

SuzanneG@5 wrote
on 27 May 2009 6:13 PM

So sweet!  Little ones love warm, sweet cherry tomatoes right off the vine.  Me, too!  Yours are so realistic, even the fuzzy vines.

Suzanne G in NC