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Susan Brubaker Knapp of Mooresville, NC

28 Apr 2009
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Susan's second submission to our Quilting Arts 2010 "Fresh Picked" Calendar contest.

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Cate Prato wrote
on 29 Apr 2009 7:41 AM

This quilt is absolutely amazing in person.

ClaudiaH@5 wrote
on 1 May 2009 7:25 PM

It is pretty amazing in print.  You can just picture it as October.

donna161 wrote
on 1 May 2009 8:00 PM

The shading is excellent.

bakewelltart wrote
on 1 May 2009 9:18 PM

This is quite stunning.

Pamm67 wrote
on 1 May 2009 9:49 PM

I would love to see this in person!  I bet it is amazing, just like this photo.

Jody Johnson wrote
on 2 May 2009 11:16 AM

I love the pumpkins. The contrast of the typical orange pumpkin with the white is unexpected and creates great contrast. I would love to see the quilting closer up.

Gia2 wrote
on 3 May 2009 12:42 AM

Perfect piece for October with contrasting Sugar and Ghost Pumpkins - I love the color combination, shading and texture!

on 4 May 2009 5:06 AM

Ditto all of the above.  I love the arrangement of the pumpkins, it adds interest to view the different aspects of them.

jneuser wrote
on 12 May 2009 9:27 AM

This is a fabulous piece! I love the contrast between the pumpkins!