"Fun, Sun, Hot Sand, Thirst! Refreshingly Cool Water! Always Changing Joy" by Mary Anne Hawkins and Elizabeth Overholser

15 Jul 2011
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Quilter in Distress: Mary Anne Hawkins
Rescuer: Elizabeth Overholser

"Fun, Sun, Hot Sand, Thirst! Refreshingly Cool Water! Always Changing Joy" • 9" x 9"

Mary Anne: "My original idea was to show Mt. Washington and several closer mountains in the Presidential Range. I got as far as showing the Saco River flowing at the base, but then I really got stuck. I could not come up with a foreground that would pop and show how far away and how massive the mountains are."

Elizabeth: "When I looked at the UFO I received, my first thought was atmospheric perspective. I have taken many photos from the window of my car of the layers of mountains I see on each summer's approach and departure to the mountains. It is such a dramatic scene for those of us who live in the Texas Flatlands where I live. Medano Creek flows between the dunes and the parking area in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The flow of the river varies. Sometimes the water does not flow on the surface, but if you dig down, you can find it. For this reason I did not cut the sparkly blue river fabric. I left it under the sand grass fabrics on both sides of the river. I added sunflowers, beadwork, and machine quilting."


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TrunkShow wrote
on 22 Jul 2011 5:20 PM

Elizabeth finished the piece as I think Mary Anne would have wanted--great perspective!!

AnnieSky wrote
on 25 Jul 2011 10:47 AM

Outstanding finish to a good start!  I love Mt. Washington!

gmarkos wrote
on 27 Jul 2011 8:45 PM

Elizabeth, What a lovely scene.  You are an inspiration.