"Butterfly Collection" by Mistianne M. Guzman and Ellie Holbein

15 Jul 2011
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Quilter in Distress: Mistianne M. Guzman
Rescuer: Ellie Holbein

"Butterfly Collection" • 17" x 18'

Mistianne: "A few years ago I took a class from a French teacher on trapunto embroidery and hand quilting. This design was inspired by that class. I had planned to create ethereal and sparkly butterflies. What I got instead was puckers, a dislike of beading, and painting that overpowering the threadwork. I stopped after the puckering and tried the beading then I stopped after the beading and tried the painting. You guessed it, after the painting (spray painting was fun though), I stopped again. Now I will happily turn it over for someone else to have fun with!"

Ellie: "When I opened the box and took out the challenge I could immediately see why the maker got discouraged and set it aside. i wondered what her vision might have been. I had to think long and hard to transform her work into a decorative little work of art. The final decisions were to cut the inner borders of the same butterfly fabric with embroidery in the corners. Then I chose burgundy for the wide outer borders. My vision was to create a more traditional work that can hang on the wall showing a collection of butterflies."


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TrunkShow wrote
on 22 Jul 2011 5:04 PM

Ellie gave Mistianne her sparkly butterflies!!!  How pretty!!  Rene Atkinson

sewforhim wrote
on 27 Jul 2011 9:03 AM

This looks great!  FYI, the comments under Ellie are actually my comments on my rescue of her UFO.