Untitled by Sylvia Weir and Kay Wentworth

19 Jul 2011
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Quilter in Distress: Sylvia Weir
Rescuer: Kay Wentworth

Untitled • 40" x 30"

Sylvia: "This piece was begun many years ago when I was newly married and had more time than money to spend on gifts for my in-laws who had everything--or so it seemed to me. As you can see my embroidery skills were considerably better than my appliqué skills. It was intended to be the centerpiece of a family tree but after I had embroidered some of the elements I lost interest. This piece seems to reemerge every time I move or have a grand sewing room cleanout and purge. The sentiment behind this piece is evident every time I look at it-but I think it might do with some more surface design overprints, or cut apart and reassembled or dyed."

Kay: "I had a hard time with this UFO because it looked like a finished quilt top already. I tend to make more artsy quilts and it seemed more traditional. I got a lot of the top done, then due to a very difficult family situation, had to finish the quilt very quickly with aqua organza ribbon and a wave-cut edge."


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AnnieSky wrote
on 25 Jul 2011 10:38 AM

Excellent solution to the start of a nice quilt.  It kept with the spirit of the origional.