"The Escape" by Nita Markos and Shirley Malia

19 Jul 2011
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Quilter in Distress: Nita Markos
Rescuer: Shirley Malia

"The Escape" • 28" x 23"

Nita: "I found this air balloon fabric, loved it, and tried a kaleidoscope design. I made the pattern and did three different combinations of colors with it intending to make a long, thin wall hanging. However, when I got done, I lost interest. My quilting skills weren't perfected then and so it has been sitting in my chest. My color preferences have changed since then but I believe this has possibilities."

Shirley: "Decomposition of a traditional kaleidoscope quilt design frees numerous hot air balloons. One large balloon soars high, escaping earthly bounds including its gondola. Made of hand-dyed background fabric, Angelina, tulle, cording and paint. A segment of the original kaleidoscope design is attached on the back of the quilt."


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TrunkShow wrote
on 22 Jul 2011 1:22 PM

Great interpretation!!  Plud love the composition of the outcome.

Renee Atkinson

gmarkos wrote
on 27 Jul 2011 3:40 PM
gmarkos wrote
on 27 Jul 2011 3:51 PM

Thanks Shirley for the great rendition of my simple UFO kaleidoscope.  Can't wiat to show it off.   A very interesting coincidense; I am in the process of doing an art quilt that is a kaleidoscope that morphs into a Kandinski s tyle abstract ( my favorite painter),

I love your work; Midsummer's Heat and Daisy Basket.  What a cibtrast to the muted colors of the UFO.

This project was such fun!

MedhaD wrote
on 19 Nov 2012 11:47 PM