Michi Fabric Art Bead Necklace

2 Aug 2011
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My MICHI necklace is made with vibrant yellow calico mixed with Japanese motif red floral and blue geometric quilting cottons accented with silver metal and complementary decorative beads. It's versatile and fun and can go with a variety of styles.

Fabric art beads are made from left over scraps from my various sewing and fabric mosaics projects. With sustainable practices becoming so much a part of how we think today, I found myself wanting to come up with a practical use for what might otherwise have been discarded and out of that came my idea for Fabric Art Beads. Through repurposing of scraps material, fabric art beads are created and incorported into fashion jewelry. 

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artemix wrote
on 2 Aug 2011 3:45 AM

This is a wonderful display and photo, too !!! I like your nacklace !!!! 

edyth wrote
on 7 Aug 2011 2:49 AM

Fantastic idea...what did you use to fill the fabric art beads?